I believe in the strength of my mother

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The scariest thing in life is fearing that the most important person in the world to you is going to die and being unable to do anything about it. I believe in the strength of my mother. My mom radiates happiness. When she is in the room, she lights it up with her beautiful personality. She is always the first to get everyone laughing, with her quick wit and sarcasm. She finds the humor in any situation, and makes me laugh so hard that I cry. Whenever our family gets together, she has the room roaring with laughter in no time. She is the most kindhearted and giving person and would do anything for anyone. She is a single mom and it has always been just her and me. Being a single mom alone is not easy, but my mom is suffering from an illness on top of it.

She has kidney disease.

She only has one kidney which has 10% total function remaining. Let me tell you something about kidney disease: It strips its victims of vital functions and makes them feel as if their body has betrayed them. My mom always needs to urinate, but can't. She's swollen and puffy because she is retaining water and cannot pee it out. Her inability to urinate causes toxins to build up in her body that would normally be eliminated through pee. This brings on the body aches, all over itchy skin and nausea. As a part of her night time routine, she is up half the night throwing up; every night. The whites of her lime green eyes are extremely blood shot because of all the toxins built up in her system. This is because her kidney is not being able to purify her blood and create urine for the toxins to exit her body. Her bloodshot eyes make her very self conscious. Her deep cocoa brown hair, for a period of time, was brittle and lackluster because of the medication she was prescribed. Imagine trying to get out of your bed but being unable to because your muscles ache so much. She experiences this much too frequently. My mom is 5’7 and pain locates itself in every inch of her body. Sharp pains stab her in her right side continuously throughout the day. Pain is something she lives with 24 hours of everyday.

The day to day symptoms have not stopped her from having a positive attitude and living a full life. She has not let this disease squelch her zest for life. She still does all of the daily chores every mother does to keep a household running. She cooks, cleans, gives advice, nurtures, and always makes sure I am provided for. This has taught me that there is no greater force than positive thinking and perseverance. Most are beat by this disease, but my mom will conquer this disease. Every other day she is in the doctors for treatment trying to find a cure, hoping for a miracle. One day we know she will find that miracle. It is about not giving up and willpower. She represents strength. This I believe.

By: Brittany Luster