I Believe We Are All Dying Stars

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I Believe we are all Dying Stars

And this is where it ended. On the drawn out hood of my white, abused ’79 cadillac. We looked at the specks of hope in the bleak night sky. Being the end of summer, our dark coffee flavored cigars no longer pained our young lungs but that doesn’t mean we weren't naive. We both thought it would last forever, but now I know our relationship was destined to burn out. I believe we are all dying stars.
Zach and I had purchased the cigars earlier that summer when we were in Hawaii. We were always found together, from going on vacation to being caught with alcohol. Zach was my neighbor and best friend for the past five years. I was even closer to Zach than I have ever been to my own brother. And I love my brother. I would tell Zach anything, no matter how embarrassing or personal. His best trait was his honesty, he would always tell me what I needed to hear. Zach had always been there for me, that is until college. Zach had decided a long time ago that he was going to Boston University, which happened to be across the country from our small town of Parker Colorado. So there we were, on the night before I left, two befuddled kids outside enjoying one last cigar. We talked about our futures, all the parties we would go to and all of the girls we would try to get. For that short time I had almost convinced myself that everything was going to be fine and our friendship would last eternally. However, as the last specs of sand fell through the summer hourglass I saw the true future of our relationship.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a burning radiant glow jet across the night sky. I had learned in science class that a shooting star was a meteor burning up as it entered the earths atmosphere but as a child I had always been told that they were dying stars that were burning out. I believe the latter is true now. Two months have passed and we are both enjoying our new lives in college. Except now I realize our friendship is the star that burned too bright and died. Zach and I still talk on occasion but the separation is depressing. I don’t have his reputable honesty to turn to now and it is hard not having anyone looking out for you.We both know our relationship will never be the same and that we can’t get back what college has taken from us. In the end everything will be fine because all stars die eventually. Nothing can be eternal. I make sure to enjoy the good times I have because they can’t last forever. We can still be friends but we must move on in our separate ways. Because eventually everyone’s star will burn out, its inevitable. We are all dying stars. This I believe.

By Sam B.