The Classroom of the Future

When people think about the future of education, they probably expect things like holographic teachers, classrooms on space stations, and field trips to mars. However, most people don't realize that when compared to 20 years ago, right around when the CU Boulder class of 2014 was being born, their idea of the future classroom could have looked something like ours do now. Twenty years ago, no one had laptops, wireless internet, or the technology for students to have instant feedback when it comes to education. There was no way for students to submit homework online, and receive grades instantly. They couldn't take classes from across the globe via online homework. Instantly checking your knowledge against your classmates during lectures by means of clickers was unheard of. When you wanted to find out your grades, you had to wait until a progress report came out, instead of finding out the moment you want to with online gradebooks. To a college student from 1990, the current educational landscape would look very much like the distant future.

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