The Digital Divide
Throughout the world technology is created in countries to push innovation and the knowledge that we have thus far to become an even more technologically advanced civilization. But technology does not naturally disperse itself across the world in an even fashion to different social classes. Technology is purchased by the upper class society, and slowly trickled down the economic ladder to the lower classes as newer and more advanced technology is put into production, and sales drop for older products. When this occurs, a gap is created between different social classes; this is called the digital divide. The gap relates to different classes’ abilities to use technology and how it widens the social economic class structure when new technology is not available for the lower class. This stops the general world populations’ progression in technology.

To conquer the digital divide gap, there are three categories needed to be addressed: to use the technology productively or Skills to Crest the Digital Divide, to have access to technology, Possession and Its Effects on the Digital Divide, and the motivation to use to technology, Motivation - Underlining of the Digital Divide. A final section of this document has been added to explain how the bridge across the digital divide has begun, with non-profit organization and companies, Social Entrepreneurship.